9 Most Important Pakistan's Economy MCQs - Finance Study Pool

9 Most Important Pakistan's Economy MCQs

The total system of producing, distributing, and consuming products and services inside Pakistan is referred to as its economy. It includes all economic activity carried out by the people of Pakistan, companies, and the government, such as the creation of commodities, the rendering of services, the providing of employment, the making of investments, the making of trade, and the making of financial transactions.

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Pakistan's Economy MCQs - Finance Study Pool
Pakistan's Economy MCQs

The economy of Pakistan is classified as a mixed economy, combining elements of both a free market system and government intervention. It is an emerging economy, with a diverse range of sectors contributing to its growth and development. Pakistan's economy depends on various key sectors, including agriculture, industry, and services. Agriculture plays a significant role in the economy, employing a large portion of the population and contributing to food security and expatriate mobility.

Through a variety of policies and initiatives, the Pakistani government has a significant impact on developing and controlling the economy. To encourage growth, entice foreign direct investment (FDI), and enhance SMS Small and medium enterprises, it develops fiscal and monetary policies, encourages investment, and puts economic changes into practice.

Pakistan's Economy MCQs

What is the primary sector of the Pakistani economy?

a) Agriculture

b) Manufacturing

c) Services

d) Mining and extraction

Answer: a) Agriculture{alertSuccess}

Currency of Pakistan?

a) Rupee

b) Taka

c) Rial

d) Yuan

Answer: a) Rupee{alertSuccess}

Which sector contributes the most to Pakistan's GDP?

a) Agriculture

b) Manufacturing

c) Services

d) Mining and extraction

Answer: c) Services{alertSuccess}

The Karachi Stock Exchange is now known as:

a) Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX)

b) Lahore Stock Exchange (LSE)

c) Islamabad Stock Exchange (ISE)

d) Quetta Stock Exchange (QSE)

Answer: a) Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX){alertSuccess}

Which organization provides financial assistance to Pakistan in times of economic crisis?

a) World Bank

b) International Monetary Fund (IMF)

c) Asian Development Bank (ADB)

d) Islamic Development Bank (IDB)

Answer: b) International Monetary Fund (IMF){alertSuccess}

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Which sector is the largest employer in Pakistan?

a) Agriculture

b) Manufacturing

c) Services

d) Mining and extraction

Answer: c) Services{alertSuccess}

Which economic indicator is used to measure the average prices of goods and services in Pakistan?

a) Consumer Price Index (CPI)

b) Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

c) Human Development Index (HDI)

d) Inflation rate

Answer: a) Consumer Price Index (CPI){alertSuccess}

Which industry is the largest contributor to Pakistan's exports?

a) Textiles and clothing

b) Information technology

c) Automotive

d) Pharmaceuticals

Answer: a) Textiles and clothing{alertSuccess}

Which region of Pakistan is known for its significant natural gas reserves?

a) Balochistan

b) Punjab

c) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

d) Sindh

Answer: d) Sindh{alertSuccess}

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