Great Depression MCQs

Great Depression MCQs

Great Depression MCQs
Great Depression MCQs

1. In which decade did the Great Depression in the US occur?

a) 1910s

b) 1920s

c) 1930s

d) 1940s{alertInfo}

Answer: c) 1930s{alertSuccess}

2. Which year did the stock market crash which is often seen as the beginning of the Great Depression?

a) 1925

b) 1929

c) 1932

d) 1935{alertInfo}

Answer: b) 1929{alertSuccess}

3. What was the name of the period of economic growth in the US that preceded the Great Depression?

a) The Roaring Twenties

b) The Gilded Age

c) The Progressive Era

d) The Jazz Age{alertInfo}

Answer: a) The Roaring Twenties{alertSuccess}

4. ------------------- was the president of at the time of Great Depression?

a) Herbert Hoover

b) Franklin D. Roosevelt

c) Calvin Coolidge

d) Harry S. Truman{alertInfo}

Answer: a) Herbert Hoover  {alertSuccess} 

5. What was the name of the program introduced by President Franklin D. Roosevelt introduced to help alleviate the effects of the Great Depression?

a) The New Deal

b) The Great Society

c) The Fair Deal

d) The Square Deal{alertInfo}

Answer: a) the New Deal{alertSuccess}

6. What was the name of the legislation that separated commercial banking from investment banking in the US?

a) The Glass-Steagall Act

b) The Dodd-Frank Act

c) The Sarbanes-Oxley Act

d) The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act{alertInfo}

Answer: a) the Glass-Steagall Act{alertSuccess}

7. Which of the following industries was hit particularly hard by the Great Depression?

a) Steel

b) Agriculture

c) Oil

d) Technology{alertInfo}

Answer: b) Agriculture {alertSuccess} 

8. The Great Depression period the unemployment rate?

a) 5%

b) 10%

c) 15%

d) 25%{alertInfo}

Answer: d) 25%{alertSuccess}

7. What was the name of the shantytowns that sprung up during the Great Depression?

a) Hoovervilles

b) Coolidgevilles

c) Rooseveltvilles

d) Trumanvilles{alertInfo}

Answer: a) Hoovervilles{alertSuccess}

8. What was the name of the federal agency created by the New Deal to provide jobs and infrastructure projects?

a) The Works Progress Administration

b) The Civilian Conservation Corps

c) The National Recovery Administration

d) The Tennessee Valley Authority{alertInfo}

Answer: a) the Works Progress Administration{alertSuccess}

9. What was the program's name that paid farmers to reduce production and increase prices during the Great Depression?

a) The Agricultural Adjustment Act

b) The National Industrial Recovery Act

c) The Civil Works Administration

d) The Public Works Administration{alertInfo}

Answer: a) the Agricultural Adjustment Act{alertSuccess}

10. Which of the following was NOT a popular form of entertainment during the Great Depression?

a) Movies

b) Radio

c) Television

d) Literature{alertInfo}

Answer: c) Television{alertSuccess}

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